Road 2 Comrades - January Schedule

For those doing Comrades this is the start of part 2 of the training. Most of us would have qualified already and for those who have not - no panic - there is enough time to do so. The aim of part two is to build on what you have already done in 2017 and to become consistent and remain healthy and injury free.

This program is not only for those who are doing Comrades and will help with those wanting to improve on half marathon times etc. The only difference will be over the weekends where longer runs are scheduled, but as we all know each long run will include shorter distances and times if your goal is different.

My recommendation to all is to start with strength training on 2 of the 3 rest days. The sooner the better as the eccentric load or pounding on your legs is extremely high with the down run. In addition the strength training will ensure that you avoid injury during the coming months' training.

NB: the training pace guide is there for a reason and whether you are aiming at a Comrades Bill Rowan, Bronze or any Ultra marathon the Easy, Long and Recovery paces scheduled will allow your body to recover….important. The work and training will become more intense in the next months and do not fall into the old trap of trying to “catch up” or to do more than what is scheduled. The other importent point is that you should limit the number of races …yes in the months leading to Comrades you will be required to run 2 marathons and one ultra - AS TRAINING RUNS. A minimum of 3 weeks should pass between marathons or between marathons and Ultras.

So use the recovery that is built in to the program and do not be tempted to do more as it could compromise you later in the program.

For those not doing Comrades and who have different goals please discuss these with me so that I can provide you with a program to achieve these goals.

Take care, stay healthy and injury free.