Road 2 Comrades - February 2018 Schedule

This is for those training for the Bronze finish as well as for a finish. I believe that if you are aiming at the sub 12 finish and train to the bronze plan that you will or should have a comfortable finish

The paces that I have recommended are not cast in stone and these are what you should be working towards in the next month and into early March. At the end of the training and by 1 May the pace should be at the targeted goal of 6min20sec. To be consistent at this pace is what we will work towards. Don’t stress if you get to 6min30sec or even 6min45sec as this is, if consistent, going to place you in a great position come the big day.

This is not just for Comrades runners but we will work on those whose goals are Two Oceans or even a marathon.

Stick to a program that you believe will get you to your goal and don’t jump from program to program.
The concern I have and believe is a real one is that unless you know what the “Easy”, “LSD” and paces are that you need to apply to yourself then there is no direction to building on these paces in a calculated method.

I still see runners doing PB after PB and at paces way outside the pace required at this stage of the program. Experience has shown me over the years that it is this that puts your main goal at risk. Make sure that there is 3 weeks between each marathon and ultra run. I accept the fact that there are runners who have the ability to do many races and these are experienced runners. DON’T GET INTO TROUBLE. Injuries come from fatigue and not allowing sufficient recovery. A serious injury at this point or in the next month or two could blow your dreams.

There are rest days and recovery runs and these must be noted. You will not get the best results from harder sessions as we build up, if your body is under stress.

Strength Training is very important and use rest days to incorporate cross training and some strength work.

Lastly remember we never leave anyone behind so never think you are not fast enough or strong enough to run with the amazing PINK TEAM.