Road 2 Comrades - March 2018 Schedule

March is the first month where we start to work harder and the distances become longer - especially on weekends. It is also a month with a number of races and the first Ultra.

The program includes what I believe the training paces should be at this point and a lot of the runs are at the LONG run pace, which is the building up to a consistency over longer distances. I know that we will all be tempted to run faster, but a strong discipline is required. Importantly, the rest days must be used to recover and to incorporate some strength work. The Comrades down run will place an unbelievable eccentric load on your legs and working on leg strength as well as you core will be an advantage come race day. In fact, this applies to any long distance running. Improving our lower back strength and core will also restrict any injuries.

The other important factor is our diet and rest, including sleep. Eat the right food and get enough sleep. Supplements also help to protect our immune system and with the increased training and change of season we need to do everything we can to avoid getting sick. The evenings and early mornings are getting cooler, so dress properly and always put on a warm top after training.

I know that we are all at a different level in our training and whilst we need to get to our goal with respect to the pace recommended, please discuss this with me and I will provide some advice and guidance based on where you are at.

Warning…if you miss a training session or day do not try to catch up! Please just listen to your bodies and any indication of “niggles” or pain can be a indication of fatigue or other problems. REST won’t hurt you.

Take care out there